About us


To lead the market by providing friendly services and fulfil the need of all the communities. Downunder Planet in an environment of mutual trust, simplicity, efficiency and transparency.

To recognise Downunder Planet as the most progressive money transfer service providers worldwide that offers guaranteed best exchange rates, minimal charges and a reliable, safe and secured payment system.

Our Slogan “Service is our Business” Communicate the provision of best quality customer service based on the highest degree of moral, fair and ethical standards.

To achieve meaningful growth and to develop new products and services in line with the requirements of different markets. Maintain a close relationship with overseas correspondents and agents steered by the principles of shared respect, fairness and generally accepted business practices.

We shall endeavour to actively support and become an integral part of the communities we serve. We shall at all times be known for our service excellence and professionalism.


Downunder Planet Pty Ltd came into existence in November 2013, registered under ASIC and regulated by AUSTRAC. Remittance is our core business. We provide money transfer services globally particularly Asia Pacific and African Countries.

By employing the most professional and trained staff, expertise and market knowledge of the core business, provides a hassle free procedure and ensure a smooth and efficient execution of money transfer orders.

Downunder Planet provides the speediest and convenient methods of payment to beneficiaries including same day cash payment, home delivery (selected countries) and deposit in account in any bank and branch in most of the countries. The payments are arranged by our overseas correspondents and agents through their over 10,000 locations.

For country Sudan only, Downunder Planet offers very minimum commission per transaction compare to others, When the Remittance amount increaces commission % further decreaces.

Downunder Planet vision is dynamic and its goals are clear. We offer a number of benefits and services to our clients which in turn bring confidence and trust on us by our clients.